Poison Ivy: Lusting for More

Her hand moved back and forth slowly along his dick ,while she continued to taste herself on him. Darren slowly ran his hands all over her body until he reached her pussy. He pulled away from her and stuck his fingers in her mouth and made her lick and suck them until he pulled them out and placed his fingers inside of her pussy. Doing this took Poison’s breath away for just a moment and it was as if time froze with the amount of pleasure she was receiving from Darren. Since Poison was so still from the ecstasy she was feeling, Darren stopped looked at her and said, “This is what you asked for and now you don’t know how to handle it” with a smile on his face he continued pushing and pulling his fingers in and out of her making her moan with every stroke of his fingers. “ I definitely can handle anything that you give to me, I just was caught by surprise but trust and believe it won’t happen again” Poison stated as she pushed him away from her and hopped off the bar and led him to the stage at the front of the room.

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