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Poison Ivy: Lusting for More

Poison pulled him towards her, looking him in the eyes until she placed her lips on his slowly enjoying touching his lips against hers. Darren lifted her up and placed her on the bar. He moved his has slowly up her thighs moving her dress up more and more he placed his hand between her legs and he felt the warmness from her pussy with every touch he gave her. He slipped his fingers inside of her and she moaned with a big gasp. She leaned her head back with excitement. Darren placed his hand around her neck and slowly ran it down her body. His touch made Poison tremble with excitement and made her wetter than ever. He laid her on the bar and slowly spread her legs open. He kissed the inside of her left thigh and she moaned and squirmed, he kissed the right thigh and she moaned and squirmed again. He inched his lips closer and closer until his tongue was licking her clit. His tongue was moving in an out of her pussy. Poison did not know how to handle it, her legs began to shake and she began to cum all over him and Darren continued to lick as if he couldn’t get enough. Poison placed her hand on his head as his tongue went deeper and deeper inside of her, she wanted him more than ever now. Poison lifted him up from her pulsating body and kissed him so she could taste herself on his lips. She pulled him closer and slid her hand down his very hard muscled body until she reached into his pants feeling his long dick pulsating from her touch.

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