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Poison Ivy: Lusting for More

This was the first man that not only knew her name but also rejected her. This rejection drew Ivy closer to him and she wanted nothing more than to feel his hands against her body. Poison slowly collected herself and said, “I want to play a game with you but first I need to know your name since you already know my name"."My name is Darren and it is nice to meet you?” she smiled which in an odd way drew Darren closer to her. Knowing that she had a soft side to her made her more appealing to him. Poison realized that Darren was who she wanted, she knew that he was a lust that would be something to think about in the weeks to follow. “Darren” , she said seductively, “what is your heart's desire?” he smiled , made her another drink and said, “I don't have any”. Poison knew that she was going to get what she wanted from Darren. As the night came to a close and everyone in the private room slowly went home Poison knew this would be her moment to show Darren what she wanted from him. Poison made her way behind the bar, slowly running her hand across the bar “ Can you show me how to make my favorite drink Darren? He pulled out the glass and all the liquor needed to make the drink, Poison slowly walked closer to him gliding across the floor as if her feet were not even touching the ground. She grabbed his hands and slowly placed them around her hips. She moved with such smoothness Darren didn’t even know what he was doing until it was too late.

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