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Poison Ivy: Lusting for More

He was standing behind that bar serving the private rooms whatever their hearts desired. Although she had a drink in her hand Poison knew she needed to talk to him so of course she ditched the drink and made her way closer to him. The red silk dress caught his attention and before she knew it he was asked her, "What does your heart desire?". She simply stated, “My heart's desire is to have you on the bar in front of everyone in the building”. He laughed and said, “I would want nothing more than that to happen Ms. Poison however I have a girlfriend and I must be faithful to her”. Poison was shocked at what he said to her not because he had a girlfriend but because he knew her name and who she was, this intrigued her and now more than ever she needed to have him, taste him and feel his skin against hers. Poison knew that he was going to be a challenge.

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