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Poison Ivy: Lusting for More

Ivy decided in that moment, sitting on her couch, That she wanted her life would be full of pure animalistic lust. Knowing that she wanted to change things she jumped up and went straight to her closet to find something undeniably sexy. Ivy needed something that would flatter every part of her body. She started looking for an outfit that would show off her long milk chocolate legs, accentuate her curvaceous hips and show off her valumputious bosom. Searching her closet she found exactly what she was looking for, a red silk lace dress that left very little to the imagination, she also found her red Louboutins, and lace stockings. She climbed into the shower and made sure that her entire body was as smooth as the silk dress she was going to put on. Ivy looked in the mirror placed her long curly hair in a bun and knew that the phase of life she was about to walk into was going to be either fast and exciting or it would lead her down a dark path, either way she was ready to be the woman she always wanted to be.

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